Missing HD Channels following retune

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Hello all, I’m hoping someone can help with diagnosing a HD channel issue.

I’ve recently retuned the YouView box (DTR t2110 model) following the updates on the 13 November. I did not experience any issues prior to or after this retune, but over the last week (from c. 20th Nov) the HD channels (101 through to 105) have had signal issues. The SD channels are fine, with a good signal.

I’ve tried running the aerial directly into the TV and both the SD and HD channels, including 101 through to 105, are fine, with a good signal.

I’ve tried retuning the YouView again and 101 to 105 channels have now gone completely. The other HD channels still have signal issues. I’ve also tried doing a soft reboot, but to no avail.

Could someone help me get the channels back and resolve the issue? I’m also curious to why the SD and HD channels are fine through the TV, but only the SD channels are fine in the YouView box. 

I’m based in North Tyneside and the aerial is pointing in the direction of Pontop Pike.

Thanks in advance!


  • Not an expert, but very likely it could be an aerial issue. Your tv's internal tuner may be receiving the signal from more than one transmitter, while Youview locks on to the strongest signal, which will be from one location.
    The recent changes in Tyneside (where I am), to accommodate the 5G clearance, mean that some signals are only available from the main transmitter.
    Can't see why you would lose the channels on the HD mux specifically, other than an aerial problem.
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    Not an expert either, but I did see mention of a trick to retune the YouView box while the aerial is unplugged, just to clear out any weirdness (excuse the technical jargon). Then retune again with the aerial plugged back in.
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    Hi Sarah Louise Ellis & Niggle,
    Welcome to to the forum. Yes, unplugging does help/my suggestion a short while back that I found from the Humax forum that I also contribute to. It clears the tuner memory as it seems to keep previous channel settings unless cleared. The other thing is to check your signal strength/quality via Youview settings. In some cases you may even have a too strong signal causing issues but probably weak signal due to transmitter change. At the same time, well worth checking the strength with & without an aerial signal booster plugged in.
    I have to use a booster in my setup as signal is a lot weaker around the home. I actually have a booster plugged into each room's tv setup. As we have several pvrs/tv's running off feed in each room. They cost approx. £10+ worth considering. Hopefully may have given you some clues to help. Let us know how you get on. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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