Lost Standard Definition BBC Channels on YouView App (iPhone)

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A few days ago I lost the standard definition BBC channels on my Huawei YouView box ... and around more or less the same time the same channels disappeared from my YouView iPhone app (High Def BBC Channels were unaffected in the app). I retuned the Huawei box and the BBC channels returned (along with a few others) but they have not yet returned on my iPhone app. Could try removing and reinstalling the app but that would mean that I would have to reconnect too the Huawei box .. not a biggie but thought I'd ask here first in the hope that there is another explanation/fix?!


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    The channels on a paired app sync with those on your YouView box, but only over a period of up to 24 hours.
    So the channels that fell off your YouView box fell off the app in the next 24 hours.
    And should return after the retune, likewise within 24 hours.
    So don't worry, unless they are still not back within that timeframe.
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    Oh dear, are you still in purgatory @RoyB ?


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    Anaglypta said:
    Oh dear, are you still in purgatory @RoyB ?
    ITYM limbo  o:)>:)
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