Problem updating players and apps

shakashaka Posts: 1Member
I have tried updating my players and apps but when I do I keep getting the message: PLEASE TRY AGAIN LATER OR VISIT SUPPORT.YOUVIEW.COM FOR HELP 
I have a Humax DTRT2000 box.
I want to add the Amazon Prime App.
Can someone please guide me.


  • RoyBRoyB Posts: 30Member
    edited 4 December 2019, 11:41PM

    You can’t add apps yourself, though the update you are doing should add any new ones that YouView may have released recently.

    Amazon Prime is not yet released on the retail T2000 boxes, though. See the tiny small print on the Amazon Prime logo on this page, if you scroll down:-

    Having said all that though, you shouldn’t be getting the message you are getting. Was there anything else on the screen - a code like YVM123, for instance?

    And what happens if you do try later - still the same message, or a different result?
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