Sony Bravia TV is now showing no signal for Yourview

I have come back from holiday and my Yourview has stopped working. Initially the guide was showing and channels, then when clicking on a channel to watch there was a blank screen. I done a factory reset and reset up Yourview and tried to tune and got zero services and now when I click into Yourview I get a no signal message and to check outputs. I have tried reattaching the cable, and have phoned my flat factor company who have said no other residents have reported antenna issues. I am at a loss now as to what the issue could be. Help!!! 


  • RoyBRoyB Member Posts: 51
    edited 10 December 2019, 11:12PM

    How old is it? Is it still under warranty, or an extended guarantee?

    Have you got a friend or neighbour with a small TV, that they could pop in so you can try your aerial on it?

    Or who would let you try your aerial cable on their TV? Since if it works OK, given how the TV is behaving, I would definitely want your flat factor company to check your aerial connection.

    These Sony TVs can go wrong in all sorts of ways, but for the issue you are having to be within the set, it must have knocked out not one but two tuners, SD and HD, and that would be very unusual.
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