BBC iplayer app won't play back

BBC have recently updated their iplayer app and now it loads but won't play any program. I have also the same issue on my samsung Smart TV. Not sure what the issue is. Anyone else got this issue? 


  • RoyBRoyB Member Posts: 51
    edited 10 December 2019, 11:31PM

    Along with the new version of the iPlayer app, we Samsung owners were warned that we had to have the 1550 Samsung system software update.

    I had tried for this, OTA, at the weekend, but it wasn’t available.

    My wife couldn’t get the iPlayer (Beta) going Monday morning, on the UE55JS9000, and so called me in, and I looked and saw the Samsung message, so went to try again to get 1550, but it had already auto-installed earlier.

    So I tried the BBC iPlayer again, and it was fine this time.

    Then I checked our two 32in Samsungs; one iPlayer Beta, one Standard, but both all updated OTA and fine.

    So make sure your Samsung TV is updated to 1550; it is isn’t, try the OTA update, and if it still won’t update, maybe try downloading it to a USB stick from the Samsung website, and updating that way.

    I’ve no idea how to fix this on the YouView box though  :'(
  • Adam_VictoryAdam_Victory Member Posts: 21
    Thanks Roy. Managed to get it working on the youview box by gettingvthe latest update but not on the TV. TV is showing as upto date on version 2900. Just checked the samsung website and the latest update is 2900. BBC website says my TV is compatible so not sure what is going on. 
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