Youview will not load/open

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Youview is impossible to load. So there is no catch up on itv or channel 4. Other apps work like bbc YouTube and there is no guide titles to programs. Tv is connected to a dish and bt box EE Bright box and a fire stick. I have tried factory’s reset, cleared cach of Youview 
 bought 2 weeks ago
tv Sony KD55AG8BU 55" 4K HDR



  • RoyBRoyB Member Posts: 51
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    Have you connected the TV to a terrestrial aerial and tuned it?

    It needs this, or it does what you are describing.
  • SteveruddSteverudd Member Posts: 2
    Hi. It is connected to a sky dish would this work or do you mean it needs to be connected an old fashioned indoor aerial “coat hanger” just for tuning. Cheers Steven 
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    Youview needs both a terrestrial aerial and an internet connection.
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    robin0800 said:
    Youview needs both a terrestrial aerial and an internet connection.
    This is the TV we are talking about here, so you can connect a Sky dish to it, but only to get satellite channels with a Now & Next EPG, not Freesat or Sky. And you can’t have satellite and YouView together on the TV.

    However, the internet connection is not quite as critical as with the box for watching linear (live) TV, but the TV wouldn’t be very smart at all, for YouView and for everything else, without an internet connection.
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    YouView won't work with a satellite connection and on Sony TV's only YouView hosts the CH4 & ITV apps as Sony don't have a licence for them.
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