BT top box problems

I have a BT youview box ,which is  not working correctly.If I plug my outdoor aerial directly into my tv ,I can only get freeview channels.If I plug the aerial into my BT youview box ,I lose the freeview channels but gain the subscription channels.
I have had an aerial engineer check the aerial reception quality and connections ,all good.
All my cables have been renewed to ensure all is ok.
I have had the BT contracted "engineer" come 3 times and leave with no solution. Has anyone experienced this problem,and how did you resolve it?
I contacted another aerial engineer who suggested that my RF signal may be switched off.I have been into maintenance mode on the box ,but can find nothing that mentions an RF signal.
Keeping my fingers crossed that someone out there knows,cos BT dont


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 15,996 ✭✭✭

    There’s an RF Passthrough setting, but this is only relevant to keeping the signal alive on a TV whose aerial is connected to the Aerial Out of a YouView box, when the box is put in standby.

    RF on the YouView box itself can’t be switched off.

    Sorry to ask the obvious, but you have tuned the YouView box?

    As you know how to get into Maintenance Mode, I would suggest you carry out an Option 2 reset, which preserves your recordings at least, tune it in again, and see if your Freeview channels come back or not.
    These tests for COVID-19 might get right up my nose, if only I could get one
  • Dear Roy,many thanks for suggestion .Did all you said,  including your option 2 reset. no success .Ive put it back into BT hands,as their tech dept who checked remotely ,says my NEW top box is u/s .If they don't resolve it I'll go to another provider.
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