Box repair DTR T4000

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Hi hoping someone can help.
My bro' aquired a bt yv box that was dead and ask my to fix as I used to have my own youview box. Neither of us have a bt subscription. Box is a DTR-T4000
Turns out this thing just boots to maintenance page. I looked it over and found the fan not running (maybe temp controlled) and also the hdd completely dead. I replaced the hdd with a like for like and hooked up to internet.
Well after nearly three weeks trying every variation of maintenance options I cant get it to boot.
Just says something like 'sorry that option failed'
If it was a phone I would just download a new recovery and reflash it, but I cant seem to mke this thing update or self-install a new operating system. Assuming thats what it needs still.
On the menu I have numbers sysID 87B0.8500  and Ver 0.69P. Eleswhere on the waking up page it has UKTFAF 0.03.
Any help appreciated


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    At a guess, the hardware is fried. 

    Putting a new disc in a healthy YouView box will result in it being automatically correctly formatted for use.

    Maintenance Mode option 5 is equivalent to the Settings menu Factory Reset option.

    If carrying out these two steps on a box connected, via direct Ethernet cable or PLAs, to a working router does not restore it to the out-of-the-box condition, then there is a hardware fault.

    Hint: your fix for a mobile phone would only work for one with no hardware faults either.

    I hope your brother’s acquisition process did not involve him laying out any money?
    These tests for COVID-19 might get right up my nose, if only I could get one
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    @cdicky I believe @RoyB has summed it up in his reply
    As for the numbers you mention I believe the UKTFAF is the  box bootstrap loader  that runs initially prior to loading the Youview software  and the box itself is 
    BT box variant 


    youview refer to it in their list of hardware as as a
    BTDTR- T4000 / 87B08500
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    It's not necessarily totally fried because it gets into maintenance mode (both MM and the main OS are in NAND Flash, not on the drive).
    What does the new hard drive have on it? You may need to empty it of partitions and have a generic empty partition table, or nothing at all. I'm not sure of exactly what criteria need to be met before MM will be happy to "reformat" a new drive.
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    Thank you for the comments.
    My bro was given it, free as gratus :-) so no cost.
    It was a brand new identical unformatted like for like drive. sorry cant remember make.
    I did plug it into my laptop with a usb adaptor and it popped up as an available drive.
    Nothing on it at all. From then it went into the box.
    One concern I did have was whether the fan not running might indicate an issue, ie. no power or is it temp controlled? But I can feel the hdd spinning.
  • cdickycdicky Member Posts: 8
    BTW I did connect with a wifi bridge to start with. But when that didnt work I used a yellow network cable straight to the router.
    In both instances, once an option selected I could see the data lights flashing away.
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    Nothing on it on a laptop means it had a partition table and perhaps a file system otherwise it would appear as raw. 
  • cdickycdicky Member Posts: 8

    Does that mean it needs to be un-formatted to work ?
    Would just deleting the partition table do the trick
    Thank you.

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    I'm not 100% sure - but it's worth trying deleting all partitions at least, then maybe setting up a new blank table (gpt or mbr, again I'm not sure). All this is totally unsupported of course and you should be careful and know what you're doing etc. etc. etc.
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    OK I think I know what the problem is.
    After wiping the mbr and all partitions, hdd was blank and unrecognised in windows (except for partition manager)
    So put it all back together and tried again. Several times no luck.
    Checked the management logs from my router and it would appear to be that the box is trying to download via IPv6 which my router is not set up for. After enabling all IPv6 options and rebooting Im still not gettting anywhere. I dont think my provider allows or provides it.
    In the log I get two repeated messages.

    1st msessage is, Failed to send DHCP V6 message to ff02::1:2 (operation not permitted)
    2nd message is, [mobiled](waiting for device) runs waitingfordevice-main.check (timeout, 1)

    There is another but I dont think its related :-(  I think its hex for 'you're [email protected]*#-d'

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    The replacement drive needs to be an AV hdd. The DTRT4000 boxes use Toshiba drives - with the letters ABD in the model number, other drive makes can be used as long as they are AV hdd's, If a standard laptop drive is used all the reset/recovery options will fail or the box may reset and fire up and appear to function correctly, but it will not be able to record.
    Using an AV drive, wiped free of data - the drive partition can be unformatted (unallocated) or formatted.
    Install the drive, power up - the box will automatically go to maintenance mode after around 20 secs.
    In maintenance mode select one of the usb/internet recovery options. This will; format the drive correctly with various types of partitions ready for use, install the software and reset the box to factory settings.
    The fan on these boxes imo is far too small, it is also temp controlled - only kicks in when temps reach 55C, shuts down at 49C, also the temp sensor is located away from the CPU which itself can often reach 70C+ . Even with the box in standby the CPU remains active.
    On my box I leave the casing off with a much larger 5v usb fan mounted slightly raised above the CPU heatsink, this brings the temps right down (35 - 40). 4 years on - no issues.
    The info below may also be helpful:
    Random program recording errors; partial recordings, recordings stuck at the start, only recording first few seconds, failed to record message, recording jumping forward a few seconds etc.
    I believe these are mainly caused by a build up of unstable/bad sectors on the hdd, these cannot be corrected/repaired by the box. The solution I have found is to remove the drive wipe/erase all data, reinstall and follow the steps above.

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    If you wiped the MBR (master boot record) on the drive, it will need to be rebuilt / re-installed or the box won't recognise it.
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    I don't think it necessary to use an AV HDD. AV HDDs have less error correction built in so will tend to write data a little quicker as there's less error correction but I believe that's the only real difference.
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     The DTRT4000 boxes are fitted with AV hdd's - Toshiba MQ01ABD100V.
      There are several differences between a standard hdd and an AV hdd, mainly video editing capabilities. As previously mentioned the boxes will not record if a standard hdd is used.
    From the Toshiba site -  The MQ01ABD-V series is suitable for video editing, set-top-boxes, digital video recorders, and network video recorders.

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    ok had a look. my hdd is identical spec except its abf not abd.
    That surly wouldnt stop it upgrading the OS.
    Which as above it cannot do as its using IPv6
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    The model numbers are similar but the actual specs are different.
    The ABF series are for laptops/notebooks only, they do not have the video editing capabilities as the ABD series do. Even if you could get the box to recover/reset with the ABF hdd, it will not be able to record.
    Regarding your possible internet issue, I tried to reset a box using the internet recovery option, with the hdd in exFAT format and it would not download the software, I then deleted the format so the hdd was unformatted (unallocated) and tried again, the box then downloaded the software and reset successfully. You will still however need a dedicated AV hdd if you need the box to record programmes. I use a 500gb AV hdd purchased from this link -

                         It cost £9.99 worked perfectly in the DTRT4000 and had very low usage stats.
    Are you sure the original hdd is dead, does the disc spin when connected to a pc, if it hasn't been used for a while and/or kept in a cold place the actuator arm or disc may be temporarily siezed, try gently heating it using a radiator or hair dryer, this has worked for me a number of times.
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    hi yes it was dead. Kept clicking and un recognised. I already binned it.
    Thanks for the link I will get another
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    Hi 10bob,
    just an update to say thank you for the info and advice.
    I did replace the new hdd with the type you suggested and it updated and worked straight away.
    Ill be honest and admit I had doubts but Im greatful to you.
    Thank you.
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    Hi cdicky,
    You're welcome.
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