Recordings start and finish early

Recently programmes on a variety of channels are consistently starting and finishing a minute or two early.  I have seen a lot of posts in the community suggesting this is the broadcaster's problem and can't be adjusted.  Is this right?  We ahve a Huawei DN370T.02.04.P running component software 3.3.156 (d1228a) manufacturer software version  70.45.159 and platform configuration 4129


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    Hi @Peter_Loose and welcome to the Community!

    Yes, the programme starts, and usually the stops - certainly when they are approximately correct - is driven off signals sent out by the broadcasters, and not by anything in the box.

    Even when an early bug had a YouView box of mine thinking it was early January 2000, it still got all the recordings correct, because it does not use the box clock at all for this.

    Which channels are you finding affected? You can contact the broadcaster yourself about this, though sometimes YouView will pursue these issues with the broadcasters, if there are multiple reports of the issue; though so far, it’s just you, here.

    You can soft reset your box if you like, a process that can get rid of glitches in the running software; while not recording nor about to, press and hold the On/Standby button on the box until it reboots itself. (All your recordings, Settings, and tunings will be preserved).

    I would be extremely surprised if this made any difference to the recording timer issues, but it might fix some niggles you may be having besides.
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