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On my last Sony TV you had a program reminder option (I used it everyday) to set your days tv views up and it would then turn the channels over automatically as per your reminder.
Does youview have this option?


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    Greetings, and welcome to the Community!

    Go to the Guide, select a future programme you want, and click OK.

    This will set a Reminder, and a little bell symbol will appear on the programme entry to indicate this.

    And a reminder will come up at the time, whatever channel you are on, with an option to choose the programme - which it will then switch to with just another OK - or to ignore the reminder.

    Automatic switching is probably not a good idea on a device that may need one or both of its tuners for recordings; and no doubt the Reminder logic will take into account what recordings are ongoing, and what recordings are set, when offering you the option.

    You might want to experiment with this to see exactly what the rules are, if you are likely to have this situation in the future.

    I also found out what happens if your YouView box is in Standby when the reminder comes up - it doesn’t turn on in these circumstances, but the reminder is there if you turn it on shortly afterwards.
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  • Thank you for your reply.
    The system I am using is built into my Sony TV so I don’t know if this has an affect on anything. When I do what you are saying I don’t have an “ok” button on the remote however I assume the round centre button does the same (it’s what I use to select other icons) and no “bell” symbol seems to appear? This method is however very similar to my previous Sony TV although it was using a different older system, not youview.
    I have copied some screenshots of what I’ve got currently...
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    Oh dear, YouView on Sony Android TVs.... you can’t set reminders alas, and this is a much missed feature  :'(
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  • Thank you for your time Roy.
    its such a shame.
    Ive just turned off the youview in settings and reverted back to the standard Sony freeview and it has it. Looks like I’ll just stick with that.👍🏼
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    Ah... I was told this TV didn’t have reminders at all - not true then (I don’t have one anymore).

    In the place where you found this on Freeview, does the YouView side have such a place?

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