no sound on ex-TalkTalk youview box

hi everyone and Happy New Year. I'm trying to use my old (2 years ish?) TTbox as a simple freeview recorder.  We are now with Plusnet (basic BB subscription, no TV), but the router is now in the hall not by the TV, so there is no internet connection to the Youview box. (I don't need it as the TV has its own Wifi - and in fact, during the start-up, the Youview box actually said "no internet connection available BUT YOU CAN STILL RECORD THROUGH YOUR AERIAL"??) Everything else seems to work picture, EPGuide, recording etc) and my understanding is that it should be fine despite not having internet connection, however, there is no sound.  I've read several similar posts and I've fiddled about with all the audio settings and even, in the end, done a factory reset, but still there is no sound :-( 
TV works fine, it's not muted etc
I've tried using different HDMI inputs on the TV and even a new cable..
Any ideas boys and girls?
thank you, Mark


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    Hi @mark_biggles and welcome to the Community!

    You can get so far with these boxes without an internet connection, and the lack of this certainly should not affect the sound, but you will need an internet connection sooner or later.

    And nor should moving to PlusNet affect the sound either.

    I’m surprised you could do a Factory Reset though, as the box, on waking up,from one of these, normally tries to contact YouView over the internet, and hangs if it can’t.

    The normal thing, when the box is a long way from the router, is to use Powerline Adapters, which put the signal over the mains, so it can pop up again wherever you have a mains socket.

    But you won’t want to invest in these if you have, as I suspect, a possibly dead YouView box. But there are still things to try.

    You say you have played with the audio settings; have you switched the box from surround to stereo? If not, that is one thing I would try. or if it is currently stereo, switch it to surround, as this has a bearing on the volume.

    Also push the volume on the TalkTalk box up, as perhaps it is down low?

    The volume control on the TalkTalk remote normally controls the TV volume; but if you look in your Guide, or on the web, you can see how to switch this to control the output volume on the TalkTalk box itself; make sure this isn’t 0, and set it right up, if it is. And then restore the function for the volume buttons to work the TV again.

    Do let us know how you get on!
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    hi Roy and thanks for the reply. I had already swapped from STEREO to SURROUND and there was no change although I did nt reboot or anything, just swapped the setting with the picture playing, and assumed it would burst into life as i toggled the setting. Maybe I should change the setting again and then cycle the power? We've also still got our previous TV so we could try that as i saw a few threads saying that a change of TV brought about this same 'no sound' issue.
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