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Am trying (unsuccessfully) to sync my v3 YouView remote with my TCL TV.  I have tried all the codes I can find (0698, 1916, 2403, 2429, 0222) and the remote LED flashes twice (which implies they are right) but no control of my TV. Are there any others I can try?  The TV is a TCL 32ES560.



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    I don’t know which a v3 remote is. Can you look at:-

    and tell us which one it is, and which box model you are using it with?

    As how you set the remote up depends on which one it is; and the BT instructions in their Guide book have, or used to have, a step missing, though the online instructions are complete.

    That link above has further links to information about YouView remotes that you might find useful.

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    Thanks for the quick reply.

    Its the middle Talk Talk remote (with the big coloured buttons) and Talk Talk Huawei DN3 72T box (see photos). 

    I no longer have the instructions so have followed the online instructions but with no success.  i.e. 

    1. hold 1 and 6 buttons till led flashes and stays on
    2. enter the manuactures rcode
    3. Watch the LED flash (2 times means right code, 5 times means wrong code).

    I have tried reseting the remote first and and the Thompson code using the alternative search button method (as the TV is a joint thing between Thompson and TCL) and get the double flash but no control.  

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    I’m seeing this, for your remote (Page 6 there):-

    Press until the red LED flashes 3 times and stays lit.
    Press and hold the number on your TalkTalk remote for your TV brand until your TV switches itself off
    Grundig 1 
    JVC 2
    LG 3
    Panasonic 4
    Phillips 5
    Samsung 6
    Sharp 7
    Sony 8
    Thomson 9
    Toshiba 0
    After your TV switches off, release the number button.
    Switch your TV on again when the red LED on your remote flashes twice.

    I’m hoping that Thomson, 9, might do it. But if not, it goes on to say:-

    If your TV is not one of the 10 brands listed above you will have to manually tune your remote control to your TV. Find out how at

    Which is all very well, but I can’t find anything relevant there, and it’s probably the individual codes you’ve already tried anyway.

    And re the ‘right code’, IIRC, that just means that the code is one the remote recognises, i.e. a valid code in its set of codes, but not necessarily right for your TV.
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    Hey.  That worked.  Thanks!
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    Glad you mentioned Thomson above to give me a clue, and glad you got it working via my wild-assed guesswork  :p
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