How do I turn off the Fault IPC6007?

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I have been given a BT YouView Humax T1000 TV which I would like to use for Freeview from an aerial and possibly from the internet as well. However I am stuck with a message which keeps saying  that subscription channel BT Sport X is not available. I do not want that channel, nor any other subscription channel for the present. How do I cancel the error message please so that other choices are visible through a menu?


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    Hi John_in_CM, welcome to the forum.
    Rather an old Youview pvr, be warned, it maybe underpowered & may jam with software updates received! Well first you need to do a full maintenance reset, which is not within the boxes' internal software. 
    How do you do that? . . . . follow the instructions for T1000 from the maintenance mode link:

    Until you reset your box, it will continue with "misaligned" software left over from BT subscription. If you need more help, I'm sure someone will help you. Let us know how you get on. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    I’m surprised it is stuck there. Maybe the Back or Exit buttons on the remote will get you out of it?

    But it thinks it is still connected to BT from its previous owner, so it needs to be connected to the internet, to sniff your actual ISP, before it will give up on this idea.

    A soft reset - touch the centre ring for just over 8 seconds until the box reboots - might break the logjam. Or it might not. You could try it and see, unless you have already successfully applied @John L ‘s rather more thorough-going remedy. 

    Which I think might just hang on waking up again, if the box is not connected to the internet at that point, though I would like to be wrong here.

    Try these things anyway, and as John L says, please report back how you get on,
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    Thanks to the John L suggestion I got as far as Maintenance mode and Option 1 which meant a software reboot for a box which also has record facility. (I do not want to retain any previous recordings). So I thought I had got the answer. The T1000 box accepted Option 1 but then asked me to "Confirm" br pressing OK. That produced no reponse and attempts to clean remote button contacts did not work for OK either. The up and down arrow above and below OK also do not work. Is there an alternative way to click OK please? John_in_CM
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    Maintenance Mode doesn’t use the remote. I think OK in this context means pressing the power button in the middle of the ring on the front of the box.

    Option 1 doesn’t do much, though. If you don’t want to keep any recordings, use Option 5 for a complete Factory Reset. This gets rid of pretty much everything, except the box stays on the current software release; that does not revert.
    ‘Impossible’ problems solved, courtesy of Sherlock Holmes and What’sOn
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