All4 wont let me watch any videos

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doesn't matter what I try to watch on all4 on my lg tv it plays the begining adverts then this happens not been able to use for a very long time so fed up of having to use smart beam and eat my phone battery 


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    edited 7 January 2020, 9:18AM
    Hi @kizziibob

    We have widened our scope lately to cover other devices for the owners of YouView equipment, but you don’t say if you have any such or not. Can you clarify this?

    But getting All4, or the itv Hub, to resume, or even start, after they have effortlessly served you the ads they want you to see, is a crapshoot across a wide range of devices, YouView, LG, or whatever.

    We know that the issue you have can often be resolved on Sony Android TVs with YouView by doing a Factory Reset, and carefully considering, not skipping, the various things you are supposed to agree to during the setup procedure.

    Perhaps the same thing will work with your set?

    But whichever, you will probably be better served on an LG forum, or by LG themselves, or by contacting Channel 4. We don’t have LG contacts, but how to get in touch with Channel 4 is here, under Content Providers:-

    @Tim C - better?
    These tests for COVID-19 get right up my nose.
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