DVD Sound but no picture

Hi Folks,
TV broke, bought a second hand one that is newer and plugged back in as best I could. Looked at tips, booklets etc.
Previous tv needed to use 2 scart leads as had no hdmi ports.
I'm now getting only the sound, no picture.
I've tried all the obvious: diff scary lead, moved the other cables around inc hdmi in back of tv. 
I get YV box working fine. 
Do you think this TV just doesn't work properly? 
Thank you. 


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    Hi Billybart,
    Welcome to the forum. You don't mention make and model of new TV. Youview is connected via HDMI to TV's hdmi socket. The scart connection really is for outputting to say a DVD recorder. You can use scart but not best method. Hdmi is recommended to get best sound and picture to TV. The sound you are getting is crosstalk sound from TV's scart lead.  If there are problems with hdmi input, could be a handshake problem with Youview box to the tv. I would suggest looking through TV instructions for advice, download instructions if you haven't got them. Without seeing what the TV is doing, how you have connected it it's difficult to tell. Try testing another hdmi device to see if a TV fault. Did the Youview box work ok before with last TV? John L

    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    Hi @BillyBart

    So, best as I can tell from what you wrote, you replaced a broken TV with a secondhand TV that you had obtained, make and model unspecified, but one which had both HDMI and SCART inputs, and your YouView box (make and model unspecified) is connected to this replacement TV (method unspecified, but I am assuming HDMI) and that is working fine.

    But your DVD player (make and model unspecified), when connected to the TV (method unspecified, but I am assuming SCART), grive you the sound only.

    And you have tried another SCART cable, and got the same result.

    Things I know about SCART:-

    SCART connections are, or can be, bidirectional.

    On Sony TVs, at least, one SCART would output whatever you were watching on the TV screen, while the other one would output the TV channel you last tuned to. Other makes of TV might differ, though.

    But both SCARTs can equally well be used as inputs, on all SCART-equipped TVs. 

    In the old days, running a VCR into a TV over SCART was an enormous PQ improvement over using analogue channel 36.

    Inputs on SCART can be RGB (better) or composite. RGB requires that the sending device can send it, the receiving device can receive it, and, sometimes that the receiving device is set to it.

    Composite requires that the sending device can send it, and the receiving device receive it, which is pretty much universal, and that the receiving device, if it has a choice of RGB or composite, is set to composite

    Sound but no picture can come about when the sending device is only sending composite, but the receiving device is set for RGB. You could switch that input to composite, or maybe use the other SCART connection, as usually only one input supports RGB. Or maybe you can persuade the sending device to send RGB, which is better.

    It is best to use a SCART cable with all pins connected. If they aren’t, the cable won’t be bidirectional, and will have to be plugged in the right way round, or perhaps a little switch on one of the plugs be switched to go in the right direction.

    There’s one pin in the SCART plug for an alert signal, to tell the receiving device that the sending device is sending. Some receiving devices will detect this, and switch to the correct input. Some will ignore it. Panasonic TVs can detect the video signal coming in, and switch based on that, even if the sending device isn’t pulling the special pin high. 

    Confronted with an old DVD player without HDMI, and a TV with no SCART, you have some choices. If it’s a really good old DVD player, with component outputs, use Component In on the TV. If it isn’t, toss it, and buy one that does have HDMI, especially if it’s a 4K TV. £35 will get you a brand new Sony DVD player with HDMI.

    You can get devices that do ‘SCART In HDMI Out’, and keep your existing device, but your PQ will be down the pan....

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