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 I have a brand new you view box and have hidden the sky channels as I don't want them and don't pay a subscription.

When I search for films on the app, all the sky channels appear which gives you a huge list of stuff that is not relevant.

How can I completely remove them.



  • John LJohn L Posts: 372Member
    Hi Martin9, 
    sadly you can't as far as I know. That's the problem with Youview, it has it's good points, but it's also geared up for subscription channels, even if you don't want the pay channels. A lot of the Youview boxes are supplied bt BT/TalkTalk & use slightly amended software versions. So at the end of the day, you have managed to hide them from EPG screen, but still available when you do a search. The only way to completely remove them is  . . .  purchase a Freeview pvr!

    Thankfully I don't use the Youview pvr as my main viewing platform anymore. Freeview & Freesat offer a better service if you don't want subscription channels popping up all over your tv screen. I assume you purchased your Youview from a retail store. Did anyone mention the features to you before purchase? Sadly the shops just hope you are going to pick up the box & find out later on! So it is rather unfair when you have to make choices in a store. If you have a T2000 you will get full suite of software inc. Discover, but a BT2100 (sold by Argos, John Lewis, Currys/PC World etc) you won't get full suite of software. How would you as a consumer know in advance about different versions?

    Hopefully Youview will improve/amend some of the basic & maybe more popular features as time progresses. Now 3 years since the NextGen software released & still awaiting progress.  Welcome to Youview! Which model did you purchase Martin9? Hopefully a T2000 model.
    John L
  • RoyRoy Posts: 15,334Member ✭✭✭
    These channels come from your ISP, probably BT, possibly PlusNet or TalkTalk. If I could, I would move away from BT, to avoid them; but where I live I am stuck with BT.

    When we move, who else we can get internet from will be a big consideration.

    Let the record show that YouView’s policy here is more likely to lose BT an internet customer than for BT to gain a BT TV one.
    Off travelling for a while... internet patchy to non-existent....
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    edited 19 January 2020, 10:48AM
    Hi @Roy ,
    A little bit of speculation here as I don't suffer from this problem and therefore have no way of testing it. If I remember correctly the subscription channels populate the guide through multicast (if you recall people have complained that their internet connection is always active when the box is on becauase of this). If you have your own router you should be able to turn off IGMP which would prevent the guide being flooded with these channels.
    Of course it may not be this simple, but perhaps @Stephen could shed further light on the subject?
    As to how easy it is to get into the depths of a homehub to do the same, I'm not sure as I dont have one.

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