ITV Hub on Humax Box doesn’t work

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Hi, I have an original Humax DTRT1000 YouView Box from BT.  Just noticed that the ITV Hub player stopped working with error YVM105 but don’t know how long it’s been a problem as I don’t use ITV Hub often. Everything else seems to work ie other apps, terrestrial and internet channels.  Can’t play ITV programmes from the guide if they are on catchup as they also use the app.  My ITV hub account on my iPad works too.  Have tried all the tricks like restarting the Humax  and router.  Humax is directly  connected to my router with an Ethernet cable.  I noticed that because my Humax is old the last software upgrade was in 2018 so it might have become incompatible with recent ITV Hub player upgrades. Or it may be that it has something to with ITV players subscription model being introduced.  Help please?  



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    Think itv hub is region specific , go to settings and choose the region that is applicable to you.
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    Thanks.  Where can I change region in settings on the Humax? I’ve only every seen my postcode which is correctly set. 
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    Hi @12like
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    Can you please confirm the software version your box is running on? This can be found through Settings > Software Information on the box. 
    I've just tested a couple of the T1000's we have here and they're able to launch ITV hub, log in and play content without any problems. Are the other apps/players on the box working fine? 
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