Humax Retail software update 32.35.10 / 3.6.174

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Hi all,

Please use this thread to discuss the most recent Humax retail software update 32.35.10 / 3.6.174 for T2000 devices.

This release includes the new on screen keyboard in search. 



  • John LJohn L Posts: 426Member
    Brilliant function, an vast improvement over the previous design. Well done Youview development team! This will make operation a lot easier. Thank you. John L
  • John LJohn L Posts: 426Member
    edited 9 February 2020, 5:02PM
    Just to add Sarah, since the announcement ref the Remote app last week, my views have changed. When the remote app was released, it clearly was a breakthrough. I noticed you had included loads of extra functions . . . Discover suit, that was delayed on most pvrs, my bt2100's only receiving the benefits of discover last week for first time. How do I sum up the situation? Well it's rather like giving a Child a new toy/bag of sweets .... You've received your long awaited reward . . . Then a few days later . .  . Decide to take it away in some form! Hence the features are now on the box, no longer have access in the Remote function. I have heard all the excuses, understand to some extent the financial problems with your data server etc. This really should have been planned and sorted a long, long time ago, before consumers spent money on retail boxes. Everyone will have different views, but this is the truth in this current matter. Hopefully Youview, BT and anyone else involved in this Joint Venture business model can sit down in Meeting and review the situation again. You have a lot of unhappy users at the moment. Not good PR. John L
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