[Complete] 700MHz Clearance events 2020 - Loss of channels & aerial upgrades

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The 700Mhz clearance event is now complete. 

Between February and August 2020, Digital UK will be carrying out several 700MHz clearance events which may cause you to lose channels on certain multiplexes:

  • COM7 & COM8 multiplexes will close on certain transmitters and therefore no longer be available for the areas served by that transmitter. 
  • If the BBCA multiplex (all BBC SD and radio) channels are no longer in their usual position in the guide, this means that your aerial needs to be updated and you will need to contact the Freeview Advice Line (details at the bottom of post). These channels will be simulcast from channel 751 for approx 9 weeks* and then the simulcast channels are being removed and BBC channels will no longer be available unless you have upgraded your aerial. During this time, viewers will have less functionality for these channels and content from them may not contain enhanced metadata. 
*Please note that the Winter Hill simulcast was extended from April to August due to lockdown preventing Digital UK from carrying out home support visits. 

Previous 700MHz clearances:
  • 19th August: Douglas & Kendle transmitters. Support Site Article
  • 12th August: Winter Hill (end of simulcast), Moel y Parc, Pendle Forest, Saddleworth, Storeton, Lancaster & Caldbeck transmitters and relays. Support Site Article
  • 20th February: Winter Hill transmitter (start of simulcast). Support Site article
  • 12th February: Idle, Keighley, Oliver’s Mount and Sandy Heath transmitters. Support Site article
  • 5th February: Emley Moor, Chesterfield, Belmont & Tacolneston transmitters. Support Site article.
  • 5th February: Sheffield transmitter - COM7 & COM8 removal
  • For all 2019 700MHz clearance events, check this thread

Why is this happening?

In November 2014 Ofcom announced its decision to reallocate some of the airwaves used by Freeview to be used for mobile services. This spectrum change will be made to meet the predicted increase in demand for mobile data.

This change will mean that some Freeview channels will need to move to new frequencies, this process is known as 700MHz clearance.

What to do if your area is affected
If you receive your TV signal directly from the above main transmitters, we advise you to do a quick retune of your YouView box to ensure you receive all of your Freeview channels (including BBC standard definition (SD), ITV, Channel 4 and 5) after this date. If you are not sure what transmitter you are using you can check using the channel checker on the Freeview website

If you can’t see your Freeview channels after doing a retune, please get in touch with the Freeview Advice Line on 03456 50 50 50 for help (you can also visit freeview.co.uk/tvchanges for support information).

We will update this thread with further information when the next 700MHz events are upcoming with any further notes of other changes which run along with it. 


Updated: 07/09/2020
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