Can I remove station ident from TV screen when using Huawei DN370T?

I want to get rid of my money-guzzling Tivo box, and replace it with a Freeview PVR. I'm trying out my YouView Huawei DN370T PVR and have one big problem. How do I get rid of the station ident that hogs the screen when listening to the radio. It seems I can't listen to my usual LBC without a full-screen blue LBC logo, and the same with the other channels. I'm sure there must be a way to turn them off, and would appreciate any help.  My television is a Panasonic TH-46P Z85B


  • John LJohn L Posts: 426Member
    Hi Pentomane, welcome to forum. Have you got the TV instructions to hand, as I don't think you can turn logo off, the only option is pressing Green button in some cases or within TV, option being turn picture off. Let us know how you get on. John L
  • jimbjimb Posts: 1,176Member ✭✭✭
    @petomane the solution is very simple.
    Just hit pause briefly and then play. 
  • petomanepetomane Posts: 4Member
    Thank you, jimb, for that perfect, simple solution. If that's mentioned in the user guide, I wouldn't know, as they're rarely supplied with eBay purchases!  It's been driving me up the wall, and the advice is much appreciated.  And thank you also, John L, for taking the time.


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