Guide filters missing

Nkk62Nkk62 Member Posts: 2
My new Sony smart tv has suddenly lost all filters on guide. 
Only ALL CHANNELS HD and RADIO remain. 

Could anyone help get them back .


  • SarahSarah Administrator Posts: 1,598 admin
    Hi @Nkk62
    Welcome to the forum :) 
    That sounds a bit strange. Can you confirm that you've got the TV connected to the internet and the aerial is also plugged in? Are you able to browse the guide and launch content into the apps?
  • Nkk62Nkk62 Member Posts: 2
    Yes TV  connected to Internet with a LAN cable and aerial plugged in.
    All functions TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime   YouTube etc etc appear as normal.
    Youview program guide works fine  it's just the filter options that have changed. 
    As it's a  new TV I'm just thinking I've changed an option inadvertently. 

    I did find one fairly old post that seemed to suggest that a full factory reset resolves the issue..... but I don't want to do that every time this happens.
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