BT software update 32.36.0 / 32.38.0 / 32.42.0

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Hi all, 

Please use this thread to discuss the most recent BT software update 32.36.0 / 32.38.0 / 32.42.0.

Please note the changes below:
  • 32.42.0 is a maintenance release for devices already on 32.41.0
  • 32.36.0 and 32.38.0 will also now have TV Shows & Films, Continue Watching and Watch List turned on. 


  • NiggleNiggle Member Posts: 78
    Hi Sarah,

    Where does it describe the fixes from 32.41.0 to 32.42.0 ?

    I looked but could not find.

  • scottscott Member, Super User Posts: 2,134 ✭✭✭
    @sarah sorry for asking a dumb question but are we just waiting for the 32.36/38 devices to update to 32.42 and they have just had the other things enabled while waiting for the full rollout to 32.42 to finish (maybe ready for something else to be enabled very soon ;))
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