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    edited 17 May 2020, 10:50PM
    MartinW said:
    I just subscribed, not seeing it in EPG yet. This is on an ex BT 4K box, but with Virgin Media broadband.

    Hopefully it will appear later. For me it would be a game changer and would make ditching Virgin TV much easier (at end of contract)

    You may need to do an auto rescan for channels to get the now TV channels to show up on the EPG of your box. 
    That's what I had to do the day I signed up to the Now TV service 10 weeks ago.  You will also find the some other channels that was shown on your EPG will be lost after the auto rescan. You can also watch the Now TV channels via the app on another Youview box or on your tablet via the Now TV app. That's what I sometimes do.
    As you have Virgin broadband and not BT or PlusNet the Now TV channels may not show up on your Youview EPG.

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    There’s no ‘may not show up’ about it. 

    The NowTV EPG channels are only put out by BT, from BT servers, over BT lines, to BT customers who have BT as their ISP, or PlusNet customers who have PlusNet as their ISP. PlusNet being BT in a prettier frock.

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    I’m guessing it will be quite a big job to allow an app to add channels to the EPG. The in app EPG is now and next only, so not even clear there is a suitable source other than ISPs server. There would also be issue of whether any mods to the main stay could be reused for other apps(very limited apps out there giving legal live iptv)

    I guess from youviews point of view it’s a case of who would pay for it, BT clearly won’t, now tv I suspect wouldn’t (pay to get a better experience than thier own app on other platforms, especially for a small platform if you exclude those with ISP subscriptions).

    Don’t get me wrong it’d be great to have it, but the more I think about it the less likely it seems
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