Problems with TV channels received via the internet.

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I’m a TalkTalk customer using a Humax device, details as follows:

Model: DTRT2000

Component Software: 3.6.180(ea4e91)

Manufacturer Software: 32.35.10

Platform Configuration: 4670(2c9b3c97)

ISP Configuration: 2401022

HDD: 50% Free

I’m having problems with internet TV channels:-


Every day I find that one or more (sometimes all) of internet programs scheduled for recording show a white triangle with the caption “SCHEDULING PROBLEM”, it only affects internet channels I’ve never see this on normal broadcast channels. When setting up the recording everything goes ok but at some random time - an hour, a day or several days later - the problem will occur.

Setting up the record request to schedule the program again will restore the schedule but the same program can experience the problem again, sometimes several more times. All of this makes the recording schedule completely unreliable and needs daily monitoring.

I’ve tried things to resolve the problem but nothing has changed, I’ve tried:-

Setting the recording from the EPG, both single episode and series recordings.

Setting the recording from the search function, both single episode and series recordings.

The last thing I’ve done was to delete all of the recording schedule and do a factory reset (keeping recordings).

2) Watch List & CatchUp TV

The list of programs available in the YouView Watch List and the programs available via the More TV function aren’t always in sync, the Watch List often doesn't have a complete list of all programs available. I’ve only seen this on programs that are available via the internet all conventional broadcast channels I’ve tried were ok.

3) Recording Scheduling Conflicts

If I setup two series recordings on conventional broadcast channels that coincide and want a third series at the same time from an internet channel I would choose to record one of the repeats of the internet program to avoid the clash. This will work fine for the first recording however when the next episodes are automatically scheduled then one of the programs from the conventional channels will be deleted from the schedule without notification. It seems as if in trying to avoid schedule clashes that the internet channels take precedence even though there are probably several repeats that could be scheduled.

Can you look into these and advise me please, thank you.

Walter McKie

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