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kodikidkodikid Member Posts: 228
Disney plus will be integrated with Sky Q and Now tv from launch (24,3,20)
Now that youview is blessed with full now tv we should also be able to access it.
Personally going to take advantage of the opening offer (£49) which for a years viewing is a cracking deal.
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  • croftcroft Member Posts: 60
    I’ll definitely be giving it ago if it’s part of YouView I’ve not got any other streaming sticks or anything like that I just use YouView for everything........
  • kodikidkodikid Member Posts: 228
    Me too now
    Once full now became available it was pointless having 2 remotes so the now stick was banished to that draw with all the cables in.
    Only regret is I miss YouTube but hey ho can't have everything. 
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  • WelshPaulWelshPaul Member Posts: 38
    edited 1 March 2020, 6:16PM
    I doubt it will be a part of the core NOWTV software/interface? Likely be a accessible via a third party app on their NOWTV box/sticks. I wouldn't take up the offer if all you have is a Youview box because I doubt it will be available on the platform... Hope i'm wrong though!
  • kodikidkodikid Member Posts: 228
    Still have the now stick as a standby just in case.
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  • WelshPaulWelshPaul Member Posts: 38
    edited 6 March 2020, 4:04PM
    Well Disney+ will not be coming to NOWTV anytime soon. Sky Q will get it this month and it's coming to NOWTV later in the year (Hopefully by October 2020).

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