Remote Control initially slow to work

My BT TV box can be turned on by the remote control and works fine. BUT it takes nearly 2 minutes before it responds again to the remote control. It then works fine. The top buttons on the actual box work fine straight away from startup. The unit is set for SMART standby. I’ve checked that the software is up to date. Can you help?


  • John LJohn L Member, Super User Posts: 552 ✭✭
    Hi PeterMarlow,
    Welcome to the forum. I would first do a soft reset by pressing the power button on the Youview box for 8 seconds. Also check remote batteries are ok. If you have a battery tester, check the charge rate on each cell. See how you get on. Please let forum know if successful, need further help. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
  • SarahSarah Administrator Posts: 1,549 admin
    Hi @PeterMarlow
    Welcome to the forum :) 
    If the reboot John mentioned above doesn't help, we would suggest resetting your remote control. You can find the instructions for this here.
    Let us know how you get on :) 
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