Black Screen

Jackson81Jackson81 Member Posts: 1
My dad has had a freeview update in his area that meant his TV needed re-tuning and he wasn't getting any channels on his YouView box.
I've been round and when he turns his YouView box on now, the TV recognises that it has turned on but the screen just stays black, nothing loads, nothing changes, just a plain black screen.
Any suggestions as to what it could be?



  • SarahSarah Administrator Posts: 1,676 admin
    Hi @Jackson81
    That sounds a bit strange. When you turn on the YouView box, do you see any of the YouView interface at all (menu, guide etc) or is everything blank? If everything is blank it suggests that there's a connection problem between the box and the TV such as the HDMI cable so it might be worth checking these and taking them out and putting them back in. 
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