Internet channels “SCHEDULING PROBLEM”

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Hello YouView Support,

I’m a TalkTalk customer using a Humax device, details as follows:

Model: DTRT2000

Component Software: 3.6.180(ea4e91)

Manufacturer Software: 32.35.10

Platform Configuration: 4691(cfa5965c)

ISP Configuration: 2401022

HDD: 56% Free

I’m having massive problems scheduling recordings from internet TV channels:-

Every day I find that one or more (sometimes all) of programs scheduled for recording from the internet show a white triangle with the caption “SCHEDULING PROBLEM”, it only affects internet channels I’ve never see this on normal broadcast channels.

When setting up the recording everything goes ok but at some random time - an hour, a day or several days later - the problem will occur.

Setting up the record request to schedule the program again will restore the schedule but the same program can experience the problem again, sometimes several more times.

I’ve tried things to resolve the problem but nothing has changed, I’ve tried:-

Setting the recording from the EPG, both single episode and series recordings.

Setting the recording from the search function, both single episode and series recordings.

The last thing I’ve done was to delete all of the recording schedule and do a factory reset (keeping recordings).

Can you help please?

Walter McKie


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    Hi wmckie,

    Looks your problem is due to Humax pvr instead of talk talk pvr. I guess you have just started using it? Are you still able to schedule and record normal TV channels ok? Eg BBC, Itv etc?
    If still a problem, are you still subscribed to Talk talk ISP service? Which maintenance option did you select? I'm only guessing it might need software resetting to work with your ISP service to be able to record channels correctly. Please let forum know how you get on, plus if you need more help. John L

    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
  • SarahSarah Member Posts: 1,812 admin
    Hi @wmckie
    If this is only affecting your subscription channels, we would recommend that you reach out to TalkTalk as they will be able to assist you further with this. Their forum team are usually pretty quick at jumping on to help with issues so I'd suggest creating a thread about this there :) 

  • wmckiewmckie Member Posts: 25

    Thank you John L and Sarah for your replies.

    To answer John L’s queries:

    I’ve been using Humax for many years without any problems. Using the Humax instead of the TalkTalk PVR may seem odd but when I took the TalkTalk YouView TV option I was already using the Humax so it seemed silly change.

    Scheduling recordings from terrestrial TV channels, single episodes and series links, all work fine.

    The maintenance option I used was “Factory Reset, keep recordings (recommended)”.


    I will contact TalkTalk as you suggest and cross reference this thread, I do have a couple of further bits of information for you though.

    I can be quite precise about when this problem started. Your records will show that last year there was a problem where the MyTV/Scheduled recordings list had disappeared (see: the problem with the white triangle with the caption “SCHEDULING PROBLEM” first occurred on the same day that the update with the fix for the empty list was downloaded and installed. I saw a few more instances of this but programs that I wanted to record came to an end so I didn't report this at that time.

    I’ve noticed that if I browse the EPG I get a different experience with internet channels compared with terrestrial channels. When skipping through terrestrial channels there is a very brief delay before the program details appear, skipping through internet channels the caption “No Information Available” is displayed for about 2 seconds then the program details appear. Sometimes the “No Information Available” caption doesn't go away but skipping back a day then forward works.

    I don't know what the YouView software does or who is responsible for the EPG data but could there be a mismatch where the scheduled list is being compared with the EPG and because of delays in getting the data an error is thrown up?

    Thanks again to you both for your response.


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    Hi wmckie,
    Thank you for confirming about your PVR. The Humax is certainly a better performance pvr, has a faster processor. 

    As you might know, Youview write the software for Talk Talk, so the problem needs to be solved between Youview & Talk Talk. 

    The problem seems to be also with the ISP's version of the software being sent to the box. Hence why I asked about the Humax DTRT2000 & then recommended resetting via maintenance **** " S O F T W A R E   R E S E T  " *****. If you haven't already done an Option 1 that resets box to correct ISP that is linked to your Broadband provider (hopefully) & keeps your recordings. I can't guarantee your schedule, but it should (hopefully) reload the data from the cloud automatically, as all users data is kept on cloud at Youview server. It will start reloading once box is reset. If it doesn't hopefully you have written down details before resetting box. 

    All these problems seem to have come along since NextGen was released just over 3 years ago. It's got a lot more complicated (maybe that is the idea?) if you are an everyday user trying to solve a problem. Let us know how you get on.

    Sincerely hope Youview/Talk Talk solve your problem if you still can't solve it. John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
  • wmckiewmckie Member Posts: 25

    Hi John L,

    Thanks again for your help,

    As Sarah suggested I’ve posted a request for help on the TalkTalk forum and cross referenced it to this thread.

    I’ll try what you’ve advised and see what TalkTalk come back with.



  • John LJohn L Member, Super User Posts: 924 ✭✭
    Hi wmckie,
    It's worth a try regarding software option. I remember when there was a changeover with software between ISPs. The software will reset box & bring up the correct logo for Talk Talk, hopefully might solve your problem. If you do a factory reset, it will take you back to Youview's "default" version. I am only guessing, that this will only bring you back to where you are now. It's confusing (!). Let us know how you get on + also with Talk Talk. As Sarah mentions contact Talk Talk for more help if needed, due to Youview support now being directed to the individual ISP's . John L
    Can't wait for the day when Youview get rid of the dreaded darkened banner when using fast forward/rewind recordings. 
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    Hi Sarah
    I also suffer with this going back several months with TT as my ISP. My software is provided by YV directly so no TT input to these apart from their broadband (and possibly therein lies a configuration problem ??) . Now, the recordings seem to actually record despite the warning. I did report it on the relevant YV site but have heard nothing recently, probably due to the small amount of HUMAX boxes on the TT network reporting any problems. If you want more details please give me a PM address and I can provide more details confidentially.
  • wmckiewmckie Member Posts: 25
    For your information, the request for assistance I posted on the TalkTalk forum is:-

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