Problems with scheduled recordings

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Good Morning. Since the latest software update we have been experiencing problems with our scheduled recordings. Every weekend most of our scheduled recordings disappear and we have to reload them. Also for some reason when we try to set up a series recording it does not work and we have to carry out the operation twice or more. Also when the series are set up they show up as multiple recordings, rather than one with a series symbol. Any ideas how we can return to normal? We view Youview through a BT 4k UHD box.


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    Absent this being a generic problem with the latest release which this is the first report of, I would try a Maintenance Mode 2 to see if that clears it.
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    Hi @simonsilvia
    Welcome to the forum :) 
    Can you please let us know how long this issue has been happening for? Have you been setting the recordings on the box or via the app? 
    When you say you've set the series up to record, does it show up as a series booking or an episode booking? 

  • simonsilviasimonsilvia Member Posts: 2
    Hi Sarah
    It is just recently that the issue has occurred, about 3 weeks. When we first set the recording it just shows up as a single, even though we select series. All set on hte box, in guide and search. But all is in vain because most of them disappear at the weekend. Also as I said in the scheduled recordings they still dont all show as series, and some get split into individual episodes. Rather frustrating, but I expect there is a simple solution somewhere.
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    Thanks for the information @simonsilvia

    For the ones being split into episodes, this may be due to the episodes being part of a different Series ID (set by the broadcaster). If you have some recent examples of this happening within the last week, please let us know the programme name, broadcast date/time and channel so we can check these. We'd also be able to check whether the episodes you've selected are part of a series as far as the IDs go or not. 

    We are aware that due to the coronavirus issues going on that broadcasters are changing the schedule a bit more frequently and also airing different series/repeats which may be part of the issue. 


  • MikeWMikeW Member Posts: 1
    We have been having the same problems.
    I’ve done a maintenance mode 2 reset as suggested above but am still having problems.
    Not only does it remove the scheduled recordings but it also appears to allow us to record a series but actually just records one episode.

    If we start with a simple example BBC Breakfast.

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