Is the disk really BAD??

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I think my T1010 has finally given up.  The final symptom was that it would power on, display the Humax and YouView logos and then just sit there until the TV reported "No signal".
I tried all the Maintenance Mode resets, all with the same result
Considering that it had previously had a failure of the HDMI interface and I had to resort to the red/white/yellow plugs (Component interface?)  I think it has had it.
I was hoping to salvage the hard drive so I have removed it and attached it to my PC with a caddy with a USB interface.  When I try opening the the drive it says that it is not initialised (reasonable) but when I try and initialise it, it comes back with "Fatal hardware error".  I've tried this both in Windows 10 and Linux. Both give the same results.
Before I sling it in the recycling, does anyone have a solution that might work?


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    Hello @trophytr5 ,

    This thread may give you an insight in to what you could try if you think it's worth continuing with the old T1010, otherwise it's probably game over for the box. :(

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