Dead BT DTR2110

Rob PRob P Member Posts: 108 ✭✭
Hi all,
Awoke this morning to YVM401 error - no data in guide. Did a soft reboot (8 seconds) to no avail. Turned off power for a while using the switch at the back and restarted, still no different (tried as this has resolved a few things in the past that the reboot didn't). In preparation for doing Maintenance Mode reset I powered off again as per MM instructions. On powering up again to perform the reset, I now have a dead box, completely unresponsive, not even a power light. PSU is fine (swapped with one from a Humax T2000 which is still fine on the BT PSU)

So I guess my question is are the power switches known to be flakey at all? I'm thinking I might open it up and try to bypass the switch and see what happens - any tips/advice at all? Is it as simple as unscrewing the case underneath or am I likely to encounter hidden traps! Box is well out of warranty.

Many thanks,
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