TalkTalk took over my YouView box...How to get it back?

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I have a retail YouView box (T2000) and for a while have had a broadband connection supplied by TalkTalk.  During this time the on screen branding etc has all changed to the TalkTalk version.  Now that I have changed broadband supplier the box is saying that it is not connected to the internet - it is wired directly back to the router with plenty of activity on the data link lights.  

How can I get back to the normal retail firmware?


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    Hi _IO_ and welcome to the forum.

    If you reboot your box it will revert to its normal state. Then turn it off, reboot your hub/router, then turn the box back on again. Though if your now with BT it will get a BT skin, not a retail one.
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    My Broadband line is now provided by SKY rather than TalkTalk.  I suspect that this is why the internet features are not working
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    While not recording, nor about to, press and hold the On/Standby button on your YouView box for just over eight seconds until it soft reboots.

    This should alert it that things have changed, allow it to establish a data connection with Sky, and switch it back to the default retail skin.

    It may also be worth you choosing a more @-able user name......
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    Thanks for your help.  

    My box has returned to normal now.
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