YVM102 intermittently

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my Youview box appears to work normally during the day then each evening the blue Y button services don’t work and the YVM102 message appears. I’ve restarted the box, router and line boosters and the same problem reoccurs every day. Can you help?


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    Hi @andythompson and welcome to the Community!

    Have you worked through the YouView Support Help for this issue?
    Presumably you have other devices that work over the internet; are these likewise affected in the evening? If so, you need to talk to your ISP.
    Is the issue correlated with anything else you turn on only at night, like room lighting, say? LED lights can certainly affect the communication between remote and box, which might explain the blue button stopping working; if so, try turning them off experimentally, to see if it makes any difference.

    Or it might just be that the blue button is actually working, but the iffy internet connection delays all the thumbnails that this has to retrieve and show...
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