Sound suddenly not working

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The sound isn’t working when we watch TV, but works when watch Netflix. Not muted. And have tried unplugging and plugging back in. Any advice? Please help! Thanks


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    Greetings @aliceB20 and welcome to the Community!

    There doesn’t seem to be a YouView box mentioned anywhere in your problem - though we do know that people find using the box so seamless that they often refer to it as simply ‘watching TV’. 

    Is this what is happening here?

    The questions below assume you are talking about a YouView box, though.

    And so when you get an issue like this, we need to see the distinction as to what is playing where.

    So what, exactly, does ‘watching TV’ mean? 
    The broadcast channels - BBC1, itv, Channel 4 and so on - played on a YouView box, but watched on the TV?
    The same, but watched directly on the TV set itself, with the YouView box in standby?
    Watching recordings made on the YouView box?
    And where is the Netflix that has sound coming from - from the YouView box, or a smart app on the TV, or where?

    Also, what is the make and model of your YouView box, have you got it on a subscription or not, and who is your ISP (the company you get your internet from)?

    Usually, my advice in a case like this is to remember that you have a mute on your TV as well as a mute on your YouView box, and make sure that both mutes are Off, but that Netflix works when other things you watch don’t, tends to contradict this.

    But if you can kindly let us know the answers to the questions above, we can see how best to help you further.
    I have a low opinion of people who press the Disagree button instead of engaging in reasoned debate. 
    I have an even lower opinion of YouView’s continued policy of letting such people hide behind the cloak of anonymity.
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