UKTV Play crashes DTRT 2110 box

LastPintDave9LastPintDave9 Member Posts: 28
In the last few days (week?) our box has crashed several times while using the UKTV Play player. The screen goes black and and the box becomes unresponsive, and it goes to a box restart (BT logo etc.). The last time it happened an error code was displayed (but I was "summoned" too late to catch it). I will update this topic with the code when I have it.

Anyone else getting this?


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    Try Update Players in Settings on the box.

    There have been known issues with the UKTV Player on other platforms lately.
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  • LastPintDave9LastPintDave9 Member Posts: 28
    Thanks for your response, Roy.
    I did try that initially, but the box said Youview was unable to Update at the moment. Will try it again later.  
    I suspect that this is the result of a previous "up-degrade" last week to try and fix other problems.   ;)   It's a rather annoying "feature", as UKTV Play also makes you start again at the beginning of the program every time it crashes.

    It might be nice if we had some control over whether/when an up-degrade is done, but then we have control over very little on these boxes. 
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    Hi @LastPintDave9
    UKTV recently pushed out a fix to boxes for this issue however it's not hit all boxes just yet. If you want it to arrive on your box sooner, we've found that a maintenance mode option 2 usually resolves this issue. You can find the instructions for how to do this here.
    Let us know how you get on :) 
  • LastPintDave9LastPintDave9 Member Posts: 28
    Many thanks @Sarah,
    As the person who was watching a shedload of episodes of a particular drama has now finished, we will just avoid the UKTV App for now, thanks. I have noted the details for using Maintenance Mode for future reference, when more than switch-it-off-and-on is required. 

    Is there any way to tell what version of an App has been installed, and when it was last updated? 

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