Series record events not appearing in MyTV/Schedule

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Just set-up a couple of recordings and chose the Series option.  If I go into the guide and look at the relevant days then the programs are flagged up to be recorded.  Yet if I go into MyTV/Schedule, only the first day's recording is shown as being scheduled.  All subsequent days are not.

So who do I believe ?  The Guide or MyTV/Schedule ?


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    Both, as each is working as it was designed to.

    On the box, you only ever see the next scheduled programme in a series.

    There was a bug that showed the schedule for the first recording in a new Series twice, once as a Series, and once as a one-off, but this has at last been fixed. 

    Under 8 years, eh? That’s YouView responsiveness, that is.

    On the app, though, you see all the scheduled programmes in a series, as far out as the schedule goes.

    We hope to see the box working the same way some time before 2028.
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  • countryman2countryman2 Member Posts: 27
    Thanks for the reply, Roy.

    I'm relieved as they were programmes for LOML who would not have been best pleased if they weren't recorded !
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