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I have a Sony AF9 and a satellite dish. I understand that I need a standard aerial to connect to youview. Can I connect an indoor aerial for the purpose of tuning and then connect the dish back in. I recently purchased a new dish after deciding to stop virgin tv and didn’t realise I needed a conventional aerial so reluctant to pay out for another connection. I would really appreciate any assistance in how I can resolve the problem 


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    Greetings @pennyw and welcome to the Community!

    Yes, you can do as you describe, except that you don’t have to disconnect the dish at all, as the terrestrial aerial socket is separate.

    However, there are all sorts of snags with what you can do in your situation 😢

    Firstly, YouView and satellite can’t coexist on these Sony TVs; switch to YouView and your satellite tunings are wiped. Be on satellite and you can’t have the itv and All4 catchup apps (without a techie workaround).

    Though disable YouView, and you can have terrestrial Freeview alongside satellite, though still without those catchup apps.

    Secondly, satellite on these sets isn’t Freesat, with its friendly and comprehensive EPG made up of UK channels; you get a plethora of satellite channels in all sorts of languages, some free, some requiring a subscription, and all with just a Now & Next EPG. So you have to go through and set up a Favourites list to make it manageable.

    Thirdly, the only reason for tuning in YouView and then disconnecting the terrestrial aerial is so that you can watch itv and All4 catchup, which require that the corresponding terrestrial TV channels have been tuned in (though not, as you seem to have gleaned, that the aerial connection needs to stay in place).

    Though you can tune the terrestrial channels on the Freeview side if you want, and this will still count.

    However, unless you are on the YouView side, you can’t load the catchup apps for itv and All4.

    Other makes of TV have Catchup; Sony Android TVs with YouView have Catch22.

    You can Google ‘hoshsadiq’ for a workaround for this last issue, though, if you are just a little technically inclined, or have a friend who is, who you can consult.

    Fourthly, results with an indoor aerial can be mixed, unless you are in a strong signal area.

    As you may be realising now, these sets with their unrivalled picture quality are a terrific way to watch Virgin TV (or Sky for that matter) and a good way to watch terrestrial TV, either YouView or Freeview, but a dreadful way to watch satellite, unless you are a Eurotrash junkie or a DXer, and even worse if you want seamless itv and All4 catchup without YouView.

    But you don’t have to toss the AF9.

    if you don’t want to go the YouView and aerial route, then for catchup, get a NowTV or Roku Stick (no need to subscribe to NowTV, but you do have to sign up, and the slightly dearer Roku Stick has more apps, and is not encumbered by having to sign up to anything you don’t actually want) for itv and All4 catchup.

    If you want decent, easy, UK satellite, consider a separate Freesat box.

    With a Stick for catchup, you don’t need a terrestrial aerial at all, even momentarily. And if you are happy with the Sony satellite provision, then that’s you sorted. If you aren’t, though consider the Freesat box option.

    But if you want what YouView provides, by giving up on the Sony satellite channels, then you may be lucky that an indoor aerial is strong enough; but if not, there would be nothing for it but to bite the bullet and invest in a roof, or loft, one.

    Our terrestrial aerial is in the loft. Our TV is a Samsung, with non-Freesat satellite we don’t much bother with, and catchup apps that are independent of how the TV is tuned, or what it is tuned to, OTA or satellite. 
    Our YouView is a box 😛
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