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Hi all. 
For some reason it seems overnight 3 of my YouView boxes stopped connecting to the internet. Nothing’s changed for this to happen. My WiFi still works on my iPhone and tablet but YouView box won’t pick anything up. It’s connected via a TP-Link connector that’s always worked. I’ve tried restarting the box, unplugging the adaptor and box but nothing is working. Any advice please? Thanks 


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    A connector? Not a pair? 

    If it isn’t a PLA, what does it do? WiFi to the router? What is its model number?

    You didn’t mention restarting your router, which is the next thing to try.

    If still no go, get a laptop, turn off its WiFi, connect that by Ethernet to the TP-Link, and see if that can reach the internet.

    If it can’t, you know the problem is upstream of the YouView boxes. Which it probably is, as three individually going offline all at once Is pretty unlikely.

    Let us know what you find, and we’ll go from there.
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