Humax DTR-T2000 series links not working

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When I choose to record a series (clicking on "series link", when the option is offered to me) in programmes, only the first programme is recorded. Subsequent episodes are ignored.

A few months ago I noticed it happen with only ONE programme but for the last month, the number of affected programmes is increasing so that now all series links are ignored and programmes have to be selected individually. It's obviously not possible to record a whole series all at once, when only one episode a week is scheduled.

I have spent some time reading this forum and have already tried the 'unplug the antenna, rescan channels, re-plug the antenna, rescan channels' fix that has been suggested elsewhere. My (retail) box has already updated itself to the latest software - it was exhibiting this issue before then and hasn't been fixed by the update.

As an example, I reset the TV channels using the above method at 12pm today and then set up a series link recording of Big Bang Theory (don't judge) at 1pm on E4. This programme was immediately followed by another episode OF THE SAME PROGRAMME but the second episode was ignored. This behaviour is what is happening with every.single. programme.

This is really inconvenient and has resulted in many missed episodes including important endings of series. I've stopped using the box now preferring to use my Sky box which remembers the series link on all of the same programmes that my Humax forgets. I wouldn't recommend getting a Humax to anyone, at this rate.

Manufacturer: Humax
Model: DTRT2000
Variant: 84B07000
Component software: 3.6.202 (eaf09d)
Manufacturer software: 32.44.10
If it's relevant, I'm receiving the TV signal from Rowridge.

Please can anyone suggest a possible cause and (even more importantly) solution to this? Any suggestions gratefully suggested...


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    Excellent post; I wish everybody could state their problem so clearly and comprehensively..

    I suspect you don’t have a generic Humax problem, and the issue is not to do with tuning; you may have some slightly deranged software, or more seriously (and let’s hope not) a disc corruption problem.

    If it’s the first thing, there’s a powerful reset you can do, and still keep your existing recordings.

    If the second, an even more powerful reset, but one that does involve deleting all your recordings.

    Lets try the gentler option first; it’s a Maintenance Mode Option 2.

    Follow the particular instructions for the T2000, as it varies a bit from box to box.

    Your recordings and your recording schedules (such as they are) will survive, but your tunings, any Settings you have changed from the defaults, and any pairings you have made with the BT TV App on tablets and mobiles, will need remaking afterwards.

    See if this fixes things.

    If not, best watch any recordings you particularly want to see, and then do an MM Option 5, which is the full-blown Factory Reset, including wiping the disc. But let’s hope the MM 2 does the business for you.

    Good luck!
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  • SimesSimes Member Posts: 4
    Hi Roy

    Thanks for your reply, sorry it's taken a few days to respond but... life.

    I hope that your scenario of 'a disc corruption problem' isn't what I'm dealing with here :o. In any event, this morning I was about to perform your suggestion of using Maintenance Mode Option 2 when I noticed that all my series links (including ones I had deleted as part of this whole trial and error debacle) had mysteriously reappeared - spooky! :|:s:D:smile:

    So, no idea of what is going on here and at the moment I have a (seemingly) working box. As I don't want to mess with things that appear (for now) to be OK I'm not going to reset anything just yet, although I'll run down the number of recordings so that if and when I have to go nuclear I won't lose too many.

    Again, thanks for the reply and for your help!


  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 17,699 ✭✭✭

    As our recording schedules seem to be getting restored from a YouView server when we do an MM reset, it’s possible that even without one, that server noticed a discrepancy between what it held, and what your box held, and corrected this.

    Perhaps someone from YouView Towers can comment on the likelihood of this being an explanation?
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  • SarahSarah Member Posts: 1,812 admin
    Hi @Roy
    Recording requests are not stored in the cloud so it's not possible for the box to restore them after a MM reset. The box stores them locally and we expect these to be removed even following a MM option 2 reset. 
  • Tim CTim C Member, Super User Posts: 620 ✭✭
    I don't recall losing them after an MM2.
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