Not Able to Access Maintainance Mode on BT DTR T2100

rafsterrafster Member Posts: 1
My DTR 2100 got stuck at a certain point on start-up and you can hear the disk thrashing.  So I assumed the disk was corrupted.  Being Semi-technical I ordered a new drive and replaced the unit.  However, I am unable to access maintenance mode on the box.  I have followed the instructions to the letter and have a 4000 where it works no problem - so its not user error.  The box puts up the prompt for Maintenance Mode and after pressing the power button the screen goes blank and never comes back.   It seems as though the box is trying to access the disk at this point.   I tried this with the original disk which I thought was corrupted and got the same response.    Any ideas?  Surely entering Maintenance mode would not require disk access?
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