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I recently purchased a YouView box, it’s been quite a pain to set up as had to but PowerLine adapters in order to connect it to the internet, when I’ve finally got it working, I can’t see to get more than 45 channels! I’ve retuned it numbers of times, I’ve factory reset it, I’ve took the Ariel out and put them back in and nothing. HELP?!


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    Greetings @chloe_2020 and welcome to the Community!

    Can you please, as a test, connect your aerial directly to your TV, tune that, and see how many channels you get?

    If it’s still around 45, then you are probably getting your signal from a so-called ‘Freeview Lite’ relay transmitter.

    To find out what this is, go to the Freeview site (yes, Freeview)

    scroll down a little way to ‘Check Freeview at my home’, put in your house number and postcode, and let us know what transmitter, or transmitters, that returns.

    Then we will know how best to advise you further.

    Back to my usual level of bafflement, then...
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    Change the cable it usually always comes down to the simplest of things.

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    Hi Roy, many thanks for getting back to me. I have connected the Ariel to my tv and retuned it and I got 193 tv channels and 57 radio channels. I have tried doing the check on the free view website but it doesn’t work as it doesn’t load. 
    Thanks Chloe 
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    Hi @omendata
    do you mean change the Ariel wire? 
    Many thanks
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    Its not a DN370T is it?
    Aerial lead yes
    Also make sure nothing is on top of box as the rf circuit is bad for interference
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