Ipc6023 error

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I have the latest BT hub connected to you view box using latest BT mini connectors. Still get drop outs on picture & sound on some channels. Done all the box restarts, powerline reboots etc to no effect. I see from other sites that this fault has been around for YEARS. Any permanent solutions? 


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    Have you worked through this?


    Have you downloaded a broadband speed checker, such as Ookla Speedtest, to see if there really is a speed problem on your network?
    Run, preferably, on a laptop with its wifi turned off, connected to the Ethernet cable that normally connects to the YouView box.

    As to say that IPC6023 has been around for years, as if it were some bug on the boxes that could be fixed with a software upgrade is perhaps to misunderstand the nature of it.

    It’s telling you that there is a problem with the network speed the YouView box is seeing; it’s something outside the box, and the causes are many and varied.

    And as it sounds like BT are your ISP, if it’s still not working when you have worked through the list in the web link above as far as item 6, then heed item 6, get on to BT, and see what they say.
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