Inadvertantly getting Talktalk TV monthly fee

largepenguinlargepenguin Member Posts: 2
Started using a second hand Youview box a while ago. Noticed that it picked up the TalkTalk branding but thought not more of it. Just about to renew my TalkTalk broadband and realised they've been charging me £4 per month presumably from the point that my box became visible.
Am not finding any notification from Talktalk of a new fee or, indeed, any mention of it in MyAccount. I don't believe I've received any extra benefits from TalkTalk.
Anyway, persuaded them to refund most of what they've charged. Poking around this forum I now realise that the YouView box is hardwired to provide a service
Seemingly, will start one if it finds itself on a TalkTalk (or BT) home network. Can't find a conversation about particular scenario so thought I'd ask if others could confirm my suspicions and also help me understand whether talktalk had a right to charge for me plugging a youview box into my home network.


  • zulu17zulu17 Member, Super User Posts: 1,011 ✭✭
    It sounds like the TalkTalk Tv access charge that I believe was introduced the early part of 2019.

  • RoyRoy Member, Super User Posts: 15,787 ✭✭✭

    This is just TalkTalk trying it on. BT don’t do this. 

    Unless TalkTalk can show you where you specifically agreed to this, they should refund the lot.

    Three cheers for reasoned debate, whether for or against
  • largepenguinlargepenguin Member Posts: 2
    Thanks both. Really helpful. 
    I suspect that TalkTalk having removed the £4 "boost", it immediately reactivated as the box was still on and connected to the network! May need to move ISP or disconnect the box from the net if it's going to keep activating the charge.
    ANyway, it helped me find this forum which I think I will find helpful...
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    You should be able to get this suppressed permanantly, especially as you purchased your box and not had it supplied by TalkTalk.
    Complete your profile on the TalkTalk forum, explain you own the box and want the £4 charge removed from your account.

    Then also, providing you have never accessed any boosts or purchased any films from the store, ask if it is possible that you can have a credit on your account for the months you have paid. You may be lucky!

    Just be wary when, or if you renew your contract, to check they don't add it back!

    Link for posting here.

    Good luck.
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