YouView boxes discontinued?

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So I tend to find all my previous YouView boxes only seem to last a few years and the one I have at the moment (DTRT2000) is about 3 years old. I thought I’d have a look online to see how much they are now but could only find refurbished ones on Amazon. Has Humax discontinued YouView boxes???


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    @Claire Twine

    YouView have announced that they are going to concentrate on serving their partners BT and TalkTalk, so them getting out of the retail market isn’t surprising.

    But you can still readily buy a retail Humax YouView box - see here. However, it’s a BT one, and Curry’s don’t have it, and nor do John Lewis, and Argos is saying limited stock.

    Strange days in the YouView world....

    Recorders are much less important than they were in 2012, and Freeview Play has arisen to be what we (and perhaps YouView themselves, initially) thought YouView was going to be. Humax have a couple of dogs in this fight, but they are dogs, by all accounts. If/when Manhattan get their remote app out, then their box is going to be where the smart retail money is.

    But are you on your first T2000, or is this already a replacement? The T1000s used to self-destruct with alarming frequency, but the T2000 is altogether more reliable. However, though my first T1000 lasted only a month or two, its replacement has outlived Richer Sounds’ 5 year extended guarantee, and is still going strong, albeit without the added functionality of the later models.
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    My T1000 box lasted over 3 years before it packed in
    My first BT Youview retail box only lasted 2 years then packed in.
    My BT retail T2110 has lasted over 3 years now, The box BT gave me is now over 2 years old and still fully working.
    As @Roy says Youview do seem to be slowly moving away from retail.

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    I've just rung Richer Sounds Prestwich branch.They now only sell Freeview Play boxes as YouView retail has been discontinued.
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  • Claire TwineClaire Twine Member Posts: 74
    This is my first 2000, my 3 previous ones were 1000 and lasted a couple of years or so. That’s a bummer that you can’t get them anymore. My mum bought the new Humax recorder for our lounge - I hate it, so when my box goes bang I have no idea what I’ll buy instead. Thank you for replying everyone x
    Actually, I have another question. I had to retune today and lost some channels. Freeview told me to unplug the aerial, rescan, put aerial back in and rescan again. If I do this (after my box has finished recording) will I lose any recordings or any scheduled recordings? Sorry to ask but Freeview take days to reply!
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    A re-scan will not lose you any recordings. The Freeview channels reorganisation is very much a mess at the moment. I'd hold off for a couple of days.
    I'm now happy with the disagree icon, because its gone.
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