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Hi, I'm leaving Virgin this week so have bought a bt youview dtr-1000 recorder. I am hoping to use as a PVR for Freeview.
Have I done the right thing?
I've not plugged it in yet ..are these still supported with updates etc?
Any help appreciated.



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    i hope you didn’t pay too much for it - that’s the original YouView box, with a patchy record for reliability, and hardware such that the latest apps aren’t available for it.

    if you had asked us first, we would have said to get at least a T2nnn (which one doesn’t matter all that much) or even a T4000, the latest and greatest YouView box.

    But it should work OK (if not, you can send it back) and will still do everything that anybody asked of a YouView box in 2012 - play SD and HD terrestrial television, record programmes and series, go back 7 days in the EPG and let you choose catchup programmes for the BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5.....

    But it won’t work with newer apps like Amazon Prime Video, Full NowTV, the remote recording BT app, and so on, which all the T2s and the T4 work with.

    Also note that it doesn’t work over WiFi; it has to be joined to your router by Ethernet, either a physical cable, or a link made over the mains wiring using Powerline Adaptors. But this is true of all YouView boxes, even the latest ones. (And we do know how to make it work over WiFi, though it’s a bit fiddly; I ran my T1000 over WiFi for three years).

    But as a Freeview PVR, and just that, still as good as ever, as long as you don’t mind having to set all your recordings on the box itself, and you also bear in mind that this is ageing hardware, 6-8 years old.
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    Hi Roy

    Thanks for the info. I only paid £30 so wasn't expecting much as just want a PVR for freeview and catchup. I also use a Roku stick + so all good for apps. Maybe in 12 months will look at upgrading and seek your advice! Cutting the cord this week feels good,rip off!

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    A £30 PVR and a Roku stick sounds like a great combination, have fun. And you know where to find us if you run into any problems.  🙂
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    Hi all

    Just set up the DTR 1000,all fine but TV remote won't switch off TV now!

    Anyone know how to program the Humax remote? I've a Toshiba TV but on DTR 1000 the code list disappears! It's a Humax retail remote.

  • sputnikstokiesputnikstokie Member Posts: 15
    Sorted Now.
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