Masses of missing channels using Youview box

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We can't get a solution to this for years now.  Whatever box we use and we have had a few, we currently have a Youview which is the worst, we have hardly any channels. 
We live in the middle of a city, have good broadband and no problems receiving Freeview channels on our TV of which we have had two - most recently a Philips 43PUS6753/12 43-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart TV with HDR Plus, Freeview Play.
We rarely watch live TV and use a YouviewBT Youview+ Set Top Box (500Gb) Recorder with Twin HD Freeview and 7 Day Catch Up TV - no subscription, to record and however we do it we have literally only the old terrestial channels.  We have boosted, unboosted, changed cables, retuned incessantly - emailed BT Youview and been ignored completely, emailed Freeview and been ignored completely.  In our last attempt - does anyone have any idea why this is the case?  Our modem is right next to the TV - we aren't tech geniuses but we have given it a good go and still only a few ITVs and absolutely no chance of anything like Talking Pictures etc.  We get generally about 40 channels including all the radio and red button and kids etc.  One time we did have a better retune but then with some mandartory retune we were back to next to nothing.
Any ideas at all? 


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    40 channels sounds like what you get from a Freeview Lite transmitter, so I suspect you live somewhere whose exact location makes the YouView box perversely tune to one of those instead of the Full Freeview transmitter your TVs find.

    In which case, paradoxically, what you need is not a booster, but an attenuator. And also, possibly, your aerial reorienting, or resiting, or replacing with a more directional one with better sideband rejection.

    Which might need the services of a local aerial fitter; you could inquire of one or two of them if your problem sounds familiar, and get a clued-up one out to look at things.

    But a lot of effort, and probably expense, just to get more channels on a YouView box.

    So let’s look at it first.
    if you go to the Freeview site
    and scroll down to check Freeview at my home, enter your details there and scroll down to Detailed View on the page that comes up,  you can see which transmitters you could get.

    Pound to a penny, there’s a Freeview Lite transmitter in there that YouView inexplicably prefers.
    Three cheers for reasoned debate, whether for or against
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