Sony inbuilt app not updating miniguide

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I've noticed that on the inbuilt YouView app (new updated design, 2020 XH95), if I leave a channel on for a few hours, then press select, the miniguide still shows the information for the program that was on when I tuned to the channel. The main EPG is fine. The only way to update the information is then to tune to another channel and back again.

Is this something that is going to be addressed in a future update as it's quite annoying having to jump around channels just to refresh what's on.



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    You'd be better asking on the Sony forum on the thread for that model of TV.
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    @Visionman @fschleiff

    I don’t know about better off - a second string to his bow perhaps - but this sounds like a YouView issue in the YouView code. And I certainly see no other reports of this in the Sony Android TVs section, which I frequent.

    You have a Sony Android set - can you reproduce this issue? I would think it is fairly unlikely that it is specific to the XH95, though it might travel with the version of the Android OS.

    We have noticed with our Samsung TV that when first turned on it still shows the description of the programme we were last watching, but it soon refreshes to the current programme without us having to do any more.
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    Hi @fschleiff

    Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry to hear you're having issues, could we ask a few questions to allow us to investigate further?

    - What channel(s) do you see this on? Are there any channels you do NOT see this happen on?
    - Could you estimate how long you are on the channel before this issue occurs? i.e. does it happen as soon as the programme changes, or after a couple of programme changes?
    - Could you let us know what App version you are running? 

    Thank you,
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    Roy said:
    @Visionman @fschleiff

    You have a Sony Android set - can you reproduce this issue?

    Unfortunately not as I never have the set on for a few hours I use the box. 
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  • fschleifffschleiff Member Posts: 2

    It seems to happen on all channels, but I’m usually watching Quest HD (114) in the background. The mini guide updates as expected when I boot the TV, but this bug occurs whenever I switch to another android app and then return to YouView; whatever programme was on when I left the YV app remains on the guide until I change the channel. However, it will then get stuck on the new current programme and not update normally until I force quit the YouView app or reboot the TV.

    App version 2020-06-04-39cdfb2a2c

    many thanks
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