Sony tv loss of filters and no information on previous days

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I have a month old Sony TV. Youview worked fine until yesterday.  Yesterday I lost all the information on previous days on the guide. Today I have lost all but three of the filters.  Internet connection appears fine. Any ideas ?


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    There are big changes afoot with the discontinuance of the COM8 multiplex from June 22nd onward - June 30th for my transmitter, Ridge Hill - with some channels closing and others moving to other multiplexes, and sometimes other channels.

    And it’s a bit of a mess.

    Give your set a retune and see if it comes out straight. But if not, only worry if these issues persist beyond June 30th.

    And can you please delete your other, identical, thread on this same topic, as posting twice is actually less effective than posting once, since it can dilute any help you might get?
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  • sandradsandrad Member Posts: 3
    Many thanks Roy.  Have retuned and made no difference so will wait until end of month as you suggest
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