Intermittent loss of picture

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Hi All
over the last few days my TV loses picture but not sound, it originally started with picture loss every 10 or so minutes, but now it is every Minute or so. I have the Youview box connected to the TV through A Yamaha A/V amp along with Alexa TV and a PS3, both of these inputs have no picture issues. Any thoughts.


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    I don’t know what Alexa TV might be - a Firecube, perhaps? There are now TVs with Alexa built in, but you seem to be talking about a peripheral.

    There are several things you can try:-

    While not recording nor about to, touch the On/Standby button on the YouView box for just over 8 seconds, until it soft reboots. See if this fixes it.

    Swap which input on the amp the YouView box goes into. Ditto.

    Swap the HDMI cable on the YouView box with one from one of the OK devices. See if the problem moves with the cable, or stays with the YouView box.

    Plug the YouView box directly into the TV, with one of the known-to-be good HDMI cables for a while, ensuring that the cable is in free air away from other cables as far as possible. See if that fixes it.

    If you still have the problem, the next step is an Option 2 Maintenance Mode reset:-

    Make sure you follow the instructions for your particular YouView box, whichever model it is. And note that while it will preserve your recordings, you will have to re-input all your other settings.

    If it still has the problem after this, come back for more advice; though if the box is a T1000, it won’t really be worth spending any more time on.
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