Recording error and blanc recordings

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Hi, I tried to watch some recordings from the last few weeks and they won't play. Also today all recordings ha e failed today. I've turned the box and Internet off for 10 mons and then turned it all back on again but it hasn't made a difference... Anyone else ha ING the same problem or know how to fix it please? 


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    Greetings @Nessieb and welcome to the Community!

    Alas, this problem is usually caused by disc corruption; and though there are more powerful resets than the power cycle you did, even some that will keep your recordings, the only one that usually works when recordings are corrupted is Option 5, the same as the Factory Reset you can find under Settings.
    But by all means try a lesser reset first - an Option 2 is good - and see if this cures it, though I fear it won’t.
    If so, do the Option 5/Factory Reset and see if this fixes it. If so, all well and good, albeit you will have unavoidably lost any existing recordings you might have hoped to get back.
    If it doesn’t work though, and the problem continues, then you have a faulty hard disc, or faulty hardware in the box itself.

    You don’t say if perhaps you have a BT or TalkTalk subscription; if you do, call them, and they will replace the box for you.

    You also don’t say what model your YouView box is; if it is an early T10x0 model, it really isn’t worth spending any more time on, alas.

    But if you have a T2xx0 or a T4000, out of subscription and out of warranty, you may be able to get it going again by changing the hard disc.

    But try the above, let us know how you get on, and hopefully you won’t get down as far as having to consider a disc change.

    But if you do, we can give more detailed advice on this, if it is needed.
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